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Table Games in Eastern Pennsylvania A Boon for Tourism?

Table Games in Eastern Pennsylvania A Boon for Tourism?

Eastern Pennsylvania is located right near New York City, and shares a lengthy border with the rest of the Empire State. Recently however, there may be signs that the region might be getting a significant increase in tourism.

Plenty of Questions About Gambling

Gambling is a sore spot for many people; some believe that it's damaging morally, others believe it runs a risk of increasing the crime in the state. However, one thing that cannot be denied is the increase in income for the state that sponsors it. Pennsylvania already had slot machines for some time, and took a tidy sum into the state's coffers from that. Then the economic downturn hit, so the legislature and Governor Ed Rendell took another step in that direction, signing a bill into law in the last week to allow table games.

The difference between table games and slots, however, is that people generally don't want to travel particularly far to pull slot machines. However, the draw to go play poker or blackjack in a table game setting is much more intense. This change can draw in more outside visitors and bring in revenue to besthotelstays hotel/hilton-scranton/eastern-pennsylvania-table-games-tourismScranton gambling hotels.

It's easy to see - take a long look at the casinos in places like Atlantic City and Las Vegas. People travel for miles and miles to these locations to do their gambling, and most of them don't spend time shaking hands with the one-handed bandit.

How Table Games in PA Can Change Things

So the advent of table games in eastern Pennsylvania should tap into markets not necessarily tapped into for people. For many New Yorkers, Atlantic City has a negative connotation. It is most possible that many of these sort of New Yorkers might see these new opportunities over in eastern Pennsylvania as a better alternative to Atlantic City.

That of course doesn't even mention the influx of tourism that shoulde down from upstate New York and other nearby areas. People who do not want to drive all the way to Atlantic City can insteade to eastern Pennsylvania and spend their extra money there, in the new casinos and new table games. New York is a very big city, and even though Atlantic City may be marginally closer for many of them to travel to, it's also quite crowded. The newer, cleaner casinos in eastern Pennsylvania should be a quick draw for most of these folks.

Gamblers may soon be flocking to the www1.hilton en_US/hi/hotel/SCRCCHF-Hilton-Scranton-Conference-Center-Pennsylvania/accommodations.doEastern PA casino hotels, thanks to these new table games. And if so, it will be a serious boon for the local economy with out of state dollarsing into the state, not to mention that Pennsylvanian gamblers' dollars will stay in the state, as well.
The author of this article knows most of the besthotelstays hotel/hilton-scranton/eastern-pennsylvania-table-games-tourismScranton gambling hotels. There are many articles written by this author which include information about www1.hilton en_US/hi/hotel/SCRCCHF-Hilton-Scranton-Conference-Center-Pennsylvania/accommodations.doEastern PA casino hotels as well.

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